Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here Are Some Shares From My Archives

I thought I would share some of the zentangles I drew before I joined the EDM group. I drew my first Zentangle May 13, 2010. Here it is:

It was so much fun to do, that I decided to do another one....
By then, I was hooked! I have doodled my whole life. I love the idea of doodling becoming art, because there have been things I've doodled on the side of a paper, while on the phone...that I have LOVED....And if it's created, and it's drawn by hand...then why would it not be called art? It IS art....and I love to create it...and I love to look at IS art!

Below is one big, full page scribbled line, that zentangle calls a "string" It was only one string.....and I put a different pattern into each took a couple of days, a little at a time...and it was a LOT of FUN!
Here, below, is when I decided to make a sampler of sorts of patterns...I could, and should make many more samplers, because I have a lot more ideas of patterns in my head. :o)
I made a copy of it on my didn't fit the whole page...(stupid small scanner! Our old one would have gotten it all!)
So here that is below...I colored it all in with markers, and a few colored pencils. I would like to do this again sometime, in a better color pattern.
Anyway.....I have been working on another zentangle, finished it yesterday, and on Sunday, I took a break from that zentangle, and drew a border for another good quote....I need to get those pictures taken so I can blog those too. Today....I'm trying my hand at a watercolor...I have it all ready...sketched out, taped down....sitting there....I just need to step out of my box into the scary unknown...and just DO IT! Hopefully, now that I've blogged about it...I might actually DO it!

On another note....I was reading another blog, where the sweet women would end her blog each time, with the word: "Blessings" and would write out a few blessings in her life. I think I will adopt the same things...and add a "Grateful for" part of my blog from now on. Here it goes....

I'm Grateful for:
~My health is getting better, slowly, but surely. I see improvements, I'm so grateful for that!
~I can now stand longer then I have been able to for the last few years!
~The weather is perfect here today!...Lower humidity, and cooler temps! I'm loving it, and am SO grateful for it!

I hope you all have a perfectly wonderful day!


winna said...

I am grateful to have visited your blog---I love how you added great choices in color

Alex said...

Have always loved zentangles but never did one myself...and after looking at yours I am thinking... hmmm, I might wanna try one someday and see what happens! =) I love what you did!

donna said...

Great zentangles! Good work on your blog.

Sandra said...

My goodness, sweet one. You're getting better?! Take care. The zentangles are great. I intend to include at least one in my sketchbook journal with the subject of lines and grids. I'm always looking for new designs:)

Susan Walker Art said...

These are really wonderful. I love the line, the patterns and the over all design as you have pulled it all together.

nanke's stuff said...

I love to do Zentangles, too, and I really enjoyed seeing yours. I also like the idea of finishing a post with something you're grateful for, or a blessing, or just something good in your life! Very inspiring. nancy

Lindart said...

These are great! I recently found a website that has all kinds of patterns on it - I recognize some from your zens. I've been trying my hand at a few using the patterns as a guide. I can't seem to get any patterns of my own from my head!

I really like the colored zen! Lovely!